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The Flying Aces Professional Frisbee Dog Show

Featuring Fancy Flying Four-Footed Frisbee Friends!


Brian Hayes, founder of The Flying Aces, teams up with Ulysses, Wild Man Chase, Bad Lad, & Miss Maggie to put on an amazing Frisbee show.

First, Brian takes his audience through the history of Frisbees and shows them just about everything you can do with a Frisbee. Then, he gives them a quick overview of the dog training and dog psychology tips that made these dogs champions.

The show ends with The Flying Aces Professional Frisbee Dog Team performing amazing tricks in an incredible routine.

The Flying Aces Professional Frisbee Dog Show can be performed in almost any outdoor area.

All shows are followed by a Frisbee contest with autographed Flying Aces Frisbees for the winners.

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